The Washington Group, in partnership with BPM Sports, Eloite Margins, supported by Blackpool6th Form, are delighted to be able to offer the 1st ever International Womens Day Festival, working with Fylde Coast High Schools and Business for gender parity.
The International Women’s day Festival to be held at Blackpool 6th Form on Saturday 9th March 2019.
We  have some amazing women, organisations and companies who have signed up to supporting the event, through a number of options:
1. As Role models,
2. Sponsoring a school or a Festival field,
3. Offering to provide workshops,
4. Committing themselves and /or staff team/colleagues to volunteer for the day
Jane Cole , Blackpool Transport and Helen Broughton, Danbro, are just two of the many companies, who are committed to gender parity, in their organisations and have offered sponsorship, staff time, volunteers and ongoing support for the event.
What is the Role Model ?
The role would involve pairing to a High school. A group of young women, working together (maximum 15) from one of the High schools who would research the life, career and accomplishments as a case study. These young women will contact plan an interview and produce a case study in their chosen format, be that a poster or an art piece or a digital movie. This ‘case study’ will be displayed at the festival in the Hall of Fame Tent/Field. The case study would be one of 30 inspirational women from across the Fylde Coast.
We need real women for our amazing young women to talk to and have honest open narratives with women who they can relate to and aspire to be.
We also asking for businesses and organisations to support local young women to attend the Festival through a number of sponsorship  and volunteering opportunities. Please see the brief attached.
We are particularly looking for sponsorship/support for:
1.  Sponsorship for schools to attend – you can sponsor as one organisation or pair up with another company to support a school.
2. An educational toolkit for each school which will include the task to make the Living library and include resources and ‘goodies’ for the girls to feel a little special and for the ‘task’ not to be perceived as an educational task but rather an exciting opportunity to research a women’s journey. Any ideas are very welcome!
3. Items/gifts to be included in the goody bags for each of the young women who attend.
4. Volunteers for the day – The Volunteer Centre, have kindly offered to support with the recruitment of volunteers 
We value the Community’s involvement in the event and to have the opportunity, in creating a very special event for young women across the Fylde Coast.

If you are interested in the event and want more information please contact  or

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