On the 5th March 22 The Washington Group held the 4th International Women’s  Day Festival at recently rated Ofsted outstanding, Blackpool 6th Form. College. The event was sponsored by The Mina Group, Beaverbrooks, Wyre and Fylde council, BIU, Blackpool Transport and Victrex.

This year the IWD Festival created a summit, bringing together young women from across Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre, key decision makers and stakeholders with a goal to agree the key objectives of a Fylde Coast Young Women’s 5 year strategy. The Strategy adopted the 5 key themes of Fylde IWD:


A Theme encompassing all the colours of the world! Let’s talk being the best we can be, believing in yourself! Making you voice heard and counted for. How can we gain a new cultural visibility and ensure young women’s voices make a difference and have the equity that they deserve.


Happiness and kindness make the world go round. Interactive workshop to explore how young women can support their own well being and self-care through a variety of tools to develop your own toolbox. What works for you and how you can influence your happiness.


Science is a woman’s best friend! A field filled with imagination, exploration, innovation. Interactive workshop to explore innovation and what part women play in an ever changing world of opportunities, digital IT and opportunities. Let us all be creators and not just consumers.

This Women Can

The active Theme supporting young women to explore the opportunities in sport and physical well-being. What does it mean to be active? How can young women be leaders and change the world of sport, what part do we play? What part should we play?

Green Field

Everything you ever want to know about how you can save the environment and so much more. Interactive workshop to explore how young women can participate in protecting our world and making small changes with huge impact. Links to national campaigns and opportunities.

The event was a resounding success, opened by Deborah Terras, Director of TWG and Jill Gray, Principal Blackpool 6th Form  and a magical opening number by Bethany Richardson, Triple BTEC Musical Theatre Students!

Workshops were held in the morning ranging from Fleetwood Town Community Trust offering yoga sessions to North West PentathlonGB Hub demonstrating lazer shoot and across in the other themed fields workshops ranged from public speaking from Fylde coat speakers club to intercave workshops on coding and social media influence delivered by ICG  brandbuilders and code Galaxy.

TWG invited business and organisations to play an active role in the afternoon element of the IWD22 Summit. The world cafe session helped support and drive forward the identified needs of young women and cement the actions of the 5 year strategy.

Dame Julia Cleverdon opened the afternoon session, identifying the need to have young people drive forward the development of the Fylde Coast to make it a better place to live, work, play and be inspired, with Ruth Cockburn setting the scene to have female voices heard.

Deborah Terras, Director of TWG explains ‘The IWD22 Festival summit was four years in the planning, we now have the foundations to make a difference on the Fylde Coast, to make it a kinder and fairer place to live. This youth led 5 year strategy will be the connection between what is positive about the assets in our community and where the gaps are, linking to the amazing projects and strategies across all three areas, Blackpool Fylde and Wyre. Saturday was just the start of having young women’s voices elevated onto the platforms that need to listen to young people to helps shape their services. The strategy requires businesses and organisations to help it succeed for all young people.’

We are very proud to sponsor TWG for the IWD Festival, for us here at The Mina Group, we want to showcase that there are career for young women in manufacturing, printing and design and to support young women into sustainable local opportunities. This festival is crucial to show young women that there is a community of business who can offer opportunities right here on the Fylde Coast. Jake Adams, CEO The Mina Group

Having been a part of the International Women’s Day project for the last 4 years, I have left every event inspired, motivated and truly in awe of the incredible people we have along the Blackpool and Fylde Coast. Every year I have had the chance to bring a group of young women from Baines School and give them the opportunity to have their voices and concerns heard. Debbie and her team have continued to provide phenomenal workshops and place our future generation in front of some key decision makers, really giving the young women the chance to adapt, enhance and develop the area in which we live. This year has been an incredible success; I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!

Mrs H Gibson Baines School Teacher of English

International Women’s Day Festival is about empowering our young women of tomorrow and Blackpool Transport are proud to be part of that. Women growing up on the Fylde Coast deserve opportunities to prosper and thrive and the event is invaluable on so many levels, not least for the opportunity to gain first hand understanding and feedback about our services, as well as supporting the journeys of multiple young women”

Karen Cooper, Blackpool Transport, Organisational Development Director 

At Adcroft Hilton, we always like to support local projects. The international women’s day festival that is organised by Debbie Terras, is such a fantastic event and is attended by young ladies across the Fylde Coast. We wanted to show our support by providing positive quote notepads and pens for the young women to use throughout the day to write down their thought and ideas. It’s so important to give them the environment to have their voices heard.  Sheryl Armer Office Manager Adcroft Hilton 

If you are interested in being part of the day, please contact Deborah Terras, Director of The Washington Group at Deborah.terras@twguk.org.

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